Did you know this month is ‘Stoptober’?

The NHS is focusing this month on helping smokers to take the plunge and into putting their all into quitting. For all the information, see the NHS ‘Stoptober’ website. There is also an NHS ‘Quit Now’ site that you can sign up to.

If you’ve been meaning to find the right time to try to quit, then this just might be it. Whether or not you’re friends and family decide to join you in the challenge to quit, you certainly won’t be alone in your efforts. People all across the UK are being prompted to make this month their stop smoking crunch time.

Surely, this is the perfect time to quit, when you know that you’re part of the UK wide effort to make our country a healthier and more pleasant place. There’s lots of information and resources to help you quit, including: support via social media; free daily text advice; you can even get free face to face support in your local area. It’s all on the official ‘Stoptober’ website.

Taking that first step to quit and getting through those first few nicotine free weeks are the hardest of all. This is when ex smokers tend to need the most support. Even so, ex smokers still need to maintain the will power that it takes to keep saying ‘no’, whenever those nicotine cravings arise. To most ex smokers, every day can be a battle of will power, as the temptation to light up can creep back at any time. That’s why, at New Hope, we will continue to support the drive to help people to quit smoking way beyond ‘Stoptober’.

New Hope will continue to promote the Stop Smoking campaign on an ongoing basis. This webpage, which is devoted to providing practical stop smoking tips and links, will be a permanent feature on our site.